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About this study

Will Emerging Artists Embrace Or Reject Artificial Intelligence?


The term artificial intelligence is becoming a more commonly used one.  The recent online discourse on the topic within the art community has formed the inspiration for my final year university research topic.

If you consider yourself an artist, whether you aspire to work in a creative industry, are just starting on your career path, or simply make art for fun, I want to know your opinion on AI and Art.

If you would like to share your thoughts and provide inspiration for a multimedia research project that will be available to view online, please complete this questionnaire.  Let me know if you would embrace or reject artificial intelligence in your work as an artist. 


Research aims and objectives

This study aims to identify emerging artists' awareness of the advances in AI-generated art and examine their attitudes toward the use of deep learning tools in their own work.

It will do this by addressing the following objectives:

1.     To critically analyse literature related to the use of Artificial Intelligence within creative industries

2.     To identify emerging artists’ awareness of AI-generated art within their area of expertise

3.     To examine whether emerging artists will embrace or reject the use of deep learning tools in their work

4.     To explore the shaping factors that have formed creatives’ opinions of AI-generated art


What will happen to the data I provide?

This survey will not collect any data that can be used to personally identify you.  Any data you do provide will only be kept for a reasonable amount of time and will be suitably disposed of when the study has come to an end.

The results of this research study will form part of a report and will also be used as inspiration for a short video and photography assets to accompany the report.  The media assets will be published on a publicly accessible website.  The website URL can be shared with you, by request, upon the completion of this study.


Contact information

For general enquiries, you may contact the researcher, Jordan Winterbottom by emailing

If you have any concerns regarding any personal data collected from you, our Data Protection Officer can be contacted using the e-mail address, by calling 0161 247 3331 or in writing to: Data Protection Officer, Legal Services, All Saints Building, Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, M15 6BH. You also have a right to lodge a complaint in respect of the processing of your personal data with the Information Commissioner’s Office as the supervisory authority. Please see: