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Applications to join the aAh! Editorial Team are now open.

Working with aAh! is the ideal way for students to get that all important work experience while at university. We aim to provide a safe and supportive space in which student volunteers can be creative and have their voices heard, while boosting their confidence – and their CV – with skills in journalism, editing, publishing, social media, event management and much, much more.

aAh! is a platform run entirely by student volunteers with a passion for journalism and a passion for Manchester. It is honest, engaging and curious; it’s a trusted source of relevant news, views, creative work and information. Our content is tailored to our community of savvy readers.

To apply for a team role, please fill in the application form on the next page.

Volunteer Editorial Team positions available include:

  • Journalist (All categories, pitching and writing articles for online and print publication)

  • Music Journalist 

  • Subeditor (All categories, editing only)

Volunteer Section Editor roles (Includes writing, editing and coordination of a section):

  • News Editor 

  • Features Editor

  • Opinion Editor 

  • Arts and Culture Editor 

  • Lifestyle Editor 

  • Fashion Editor 

  • Music Editor 

  • Beauty Editor 

  • Sport Editor 

  • International Student Community Editor

  • Literature and Creative Writing Editor

All members of the aAh! editorial team are expected to be committed and work diligently with the rest of team to ensure the online and print magazines are to a consistent high standard, up-to-date, relevant and engaging.

Journalists will pitch original stories and respond to briefs shared by the Section Editors. They will have an awareness of current news, trends and what makes great viral content, and source and produce high quality, engaging and thought-provoking articles to be published across the aAh! online, print and social media platforms.

Section Editors report to the Student Media Officer and are responsible for the major editorial decisions of the magazine in both its online and print form. They will not only create quality content and build up their sections to become a recognisable part of the aAh! brand, but also motivate fellow freelance contributors and the wider student community to pitch engaging content. They will run regular meetings for other editors, journalists and freelance contributors to pitch stories and plan workloads. They must act as mentors for their contributors and work to engage them in aAh! and help them to improve their writing and understanding of journalism.

Subeditors are expected to be committed and work diligently with the rest of the team to ensure our platforms are to a consistent high standard. They will sub articles before publication on the NQ website, making sure that house style is adhered to. They will consider grammar, spelling, tone and style, as well as checking facts and making sure all content is legally sound and suited to NQ's target audience.

Overall, we ask that all members of the aAh! team work enthusiastically, collaboratively and passionately throughout the year to ensure their team members feel supported and part of a strong team.

Our schedule 

This project is designed to be flexible - only the weekly team meetings are timetabled (Wednesdays from 3:30pm). Here we will establish our publishing and editing schedule and discuss how we will work flexibly throughout the week.

Rise points

This project is part of the Rise Programme and up to 200 Rise will be awarded at completion depending on engagement. More information about RISE is available at

6.6. In September 2023, what year of study will you be in?
7.7. What year will you graduate?
8.8. Which role are you applying for? Required
9.9. Please confirm your availability to attend our weekly team meetings - Wednesdays from 3:30pm Required