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Applications to join the aAh! Social Media Marketing Team are now open.

Working with aAh! is the ideal way for students to get that all important work experience while at university. We aim to provide a safe and supportive space in which student volunteers can be creative and have their voices heard, while boosting their confidence – and their CV – with skills in journalism, editing, publishing, design, social media, event management and much, much more.

aAh! is a platform run by student volunteers with a passion for journalism and a passion for Manchester. It is honest, engaging and curious; it’s a trusted source of relevant student-centric news, views, creative work and information. Our content is tailored to our community of savvy student readers.

Social Media Marketer Responsibilities

As part of our growing Social Media Marketing team, you will be in charge of improving and overseeing high quality social media output to ensure we reach a wide audience.

Combining marketing and social media management skills, the Social Media Team will architect and enhance aAh!'s social media presences, including interacting with readers (and potential contributors), promote brand-focused interactive and engaging content, and expanding opportunities for revenue. Working alongside the editorial team members to create innovative social media campaigns.

You will also lead on recruitment and promotional campaigns targetting the student community at Manchester Met and beyond.

Overall, we ask that you work together with members of the aAh! team enthusiastically, collaboratively and passionately throughout the year to make aAh! a continued success.

8.8. In September 2020, what year of study will you be in?
9.9. What year will you graduate?
10.10. Which role are you applying for?